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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Storybook work for you?

ScoreStoryBook (translation:a storybook that evaluates scores). We have collected in one “book” all Estonian companies and members of the management board and evaluate them using a scientifically developed Credit Score model    with  an accuracy of 99.5%. Stories are compiled by artificial intelligence – “Data Robot”, which uses structured information in its stories. In total,  there are about 2 million stories about Estonian companies. In addition to stories, Storybook helps entrepreneurs in four main business management areas: sales, marketing, personnel and credit management.

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Reputation score is a measure of the reputation of companies, formed by a combination of the quality metrics of the company’s five business management processes:

  • Brand management
  • Credit management
  • Sales management
  • Management of staff
  • Management of assets

The values of the reputable score are divided into steps – up to 5 top (high values) and up to 5 lower levels (low values).

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The Credit score has been developed in cooperation with data researchers from the Software Technology Development Centre and the University of Tartu.

The accuracy of the model is as high as 99.5%! This changes constantly over time, according to input changes (tax debts, problems with companies involved in the board, taxes paid, etc.).

The credit score anticipates the possibility of insolvency or forced write-off of an enterprise over the next 12 months and expresses the maximum probability that the valued enterprise will default on its obligations to creditors.  

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By identifying himself or herself with an ID card, a member of the management board of the company can change the company’s data and also add or edit the articles. The data reaffirms “Data robot” and the modified data becomes public within a few minutes or may take up to an hour.

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You can find reports of both the company and the board member on Storybook. Particular emphasis has been placed on the patterns of financial capacity and payment behavior of the members of the Management Board in the managed companies, as they are the ones who make decisions on transactions and are responsible for the well-being of the companies. The most unique indications from the reports are, for example, the forecast-annual report, the CV of a member of the management board, the summary of financial indicators of all companies of the management board and the gross debt chart, etc.

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Data shall be processed for the purpose of assessing the financial and creditworthiness of legal persons related to data subjects. The processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest, as this is a task directly linked to our activities as a credit rating agency. The processing of data is limited only to the data of legal persons associated with a natural person which is necessary to achieve the objectives of financial and credit management. For example, we do not process debt information for natural persons, etc…

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You can find new and reliable customers through Storybook, i.e.  create a customer network. It is also possible to be passively just visible and accessible to new customers. 

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Storybook has a visitor base of about 450,000 users per month, so this channel is great for advertising itself. The majority of visitors also have a strong shopping interest – they search for a specific area or even specific companies.

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In Storybook, all Estonian companies and board members have been present and very comprehensive reports have been prepared, including a wide range of interactive graphs.

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In Storybook, you have the option to add unlimited job offers that reach at least 100,000 pairs of eyes guaranteed. The job advertisement highlights the employer’s brand in one of its reliability and actual pay numbers.  Jobseekers, on the other hand, can advertise their skills and display their own portfolio to different employers, for example.

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