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MINU MEISTER OÜ: Operation story

MINU MEISTER OÜ: Operation story

MINU MEISTER OÜ started almost 25 years ago when board members J. K. P. and M. M. took charge of the company J. K. P. was new to business with no prior experience and M. M. just started in business.

MINU MEISTER OÜ's field is printing n.e.c., including silk−screen printing. According to data from 2020, 186 more companies are active in the same field (NACE 18129), employing altogether 914 people and the field has an estimated turnover of around 84.01 million euros in 2020.

MINU MEISTER OÜ - Assets and Finances 2018

  • Productivity per employee: 16 792€
  • Gross margin: 19%
  • No of employees remained the same.
  • Turnover rose: 12% (51 781 €)
  • Credit score: Good

Company's legal address is Jõgeva maakond, Jõgeva vald, Jõgeva linn, Ülase tn 19.

Market share

MINU MEISTER OÜ is a company with a 0% market share of the overall turnover in its field in 2019. In the last five years the venture has earned a profit of 3 thousand euros, with a gross turnover of 235,58 thousand euros.

Top 3 in the Field (2018)

Printing n.e.c., including silk−screen printing

Companies with the strongest profits, Low Credit Score and Risk Assessment at ’Reliable’:

Companies with the heaviest losses, High Credit Score and Risk Assessment at ’Risky’:

MINU MEISTER OÜ board members

Board member T. M.

T. M. started business activities already 21 years ago, being 29 years old. T. M. has in total managed 2 companies of which he currently is a board member in 2 companies. It has active economic activity (incl. VAT payers).

T. M. has operated or is operating in the fields of:

1. Printing n.e.c., including silk−screen printing (2018 gross turnover 51 781 €, 2019 estimated gross turnover 56 583 €, 2018 4 quarter's labor taxes 0 €, Total employees 0 people and Total fixed assets 2 556 €)

Business area2018 turnover2019 estimated turnoverLabor taxesStaffFixed assets
1. Printing n.e.c., including silk−screen printing51 781 €56 583 €0 €02 556 €

T. M.

General data

Active in business almost 22 years

Companies led: 2

At 2020 leader of 2 companies. One of those has active economic activity.

Assets and Finances 2018 (all related companies)

Labor taxes of active companies: 2 919 €

Total turnover: 51 781 €

Total profits: 9 595 €

Total number of employees: 1

The biggest payroll: MINU MEISTER OÜ

Total estimated turnover in 2019: 56 583 €

Alarming signs

Board member's alarming signs are pointed out by the fact that 1 of board member's companies have been declared as alarming by Inforegister's Credit score.

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