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OLEREX AS also exports its goods – sales in foreign markets made up 7,8 percent of last year’s revenue. Total value of goods sold in foreign markets amounted to 30,53 million euros.

Most of its business was done in Latvia (51 percent of revenue), Lithuania (44,3 percent of revenue) and Poland (2,1 percent of revenue), where they sold 29,75 million euros worth of goods, which made up 97,5 percent of export revenue.

Exports in the last quarter were rather dismal for OLEREX AS as sales to foreign markets plummeted. While sales outside Estonia brought in 31,78 million euros in 2017, the company earned only 30,53 million euros from exports in 2018.

Compared to the previous year OLEREX AS saw the biggest growth in exports to Poland and Lithuania, where it saw a growth of 87,3 and 13,3 percent respectively.

For comparison, the total exports to Poland by companies within the same sector was 131,97 million euros, of which the exports of OLEREX AS made up 0,26 percent. While the most successful exporters within the same sector to all markets are companies NT BUNKERING AS and ERICSSON EESTI AS, companies ITS ESTONIA OÜ and WOOD PRODUCT TRADING OÜ are no slouches when it comes to exports to Poland. Their sales revenues in Poland were 13,49 million and 6,42 million euros respectively.

Last year the total exports to Lithuania by companies within the same sector was 502,56 million euros, of which the exports of OLEREX AS made up 2,38 percent. When it comes to exports to Lithuania, Estonian companies within the same sector that are making a name for themselves include AUTO-BON BALTIC OÜ and KIA AUTO AS, whose sales revenues in Lithuania were 29,88 million and 25,72 million euros respectively.

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