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NT BUNKERING AS has the magic touch when it comes to exporting, which made up 100 percent of last year's revenue. Total goods sold in foreign markets amounted to 634,48 million euros. If only every company in Estonia would be so great at capturing international markets!

The company's biggest export market was Europe, where it sold 615,83 million euros worth of goods, which contributed 97,1 percent to the company’s export revenue.

Exports have grown nicely compared to the previous year – while the company exported 487,92 million euros worth of goods in 2017, it exported 634,48 million euros worth of goods in 2018. Good job!

The biggest drop was observed in exports to countries outside the European Union, where the total revenue from sales dropped from a high of 69,73 million euros to a low of 18,65 million euros. What went wrong?

Exports to countries outside the European Union (3 percent) also contributed to the total sales revenue of the company.

For comparison, the total exports to countries outside the European Union by companies within the same sector was 798,56 million euros, of which the exports of NT BUNKERING AS made up 8,73 percent. While the most successful exporters within the same sector to all markets are companies NT BUNKERING AS and ERICSSON EESTI AS, companies TRANSSWIFT COMMODITIES OÜ and MBR METALS OÜ are no slouches when it comes to exports to countries outside the European Union. Their sales revenues in countries outside the European Union were 131,48 million and 93,52 million euros respectively.

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