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      URMAS REHVID OÜ: Export

      URMAS REHVID OÜ also exports its goods – sales in foreign markets made up 39 percent of last year’s revenue. Total value of goods sold in foreign markets amounted to 336 875 euros.



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      Most of its business was done in Finland (99,8 percent of revenue), Lithuania (0,1 percent of revenue) and Latvia (0,1 percent of revenue), where they sold 336 875 euros worth of goods, which made up 100 percent of export revenue.

      Exports have grown nicely compared to the previous year – while the company exported 278 840 euros worth of goods in 2017, it exported 336 875 euros worth of goods in 2018. Good job!

      The biggest drop was observed in exports to Latvia, where the total revenue from sales dropped from a high of 2 725 euros to a low of 355 euros. What went wrong?

      Exports to Lithuania (0 percent) and Latvia (0 percent) also contributed to the total sales revenue of the company.

      For comparison, the total exports to Finland by companies within the same sector was 1,86 billion euros, of which the exports of URMAS REHVID OÜ made up 0,01 percent. While the most successful exporters within the same sector to all markets are companies EESTI ENERGIA AS and IXELLION AS, companies ABB AS and KONESKO AS are no slouches when it comes to exports to Finland. Their sales revenues in Finland were 78,89 million and 47,92 million euros respectively.


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