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FORTUMO OÜ: Wage rally

In the third quarter of 2020, FORTUMO OÜ team consisted of 71 employees, who were paid an estimated average gross salary of 12 460 EUR / month.

Comparsion with the previous quarter

Compared to the second quarter the team increased by 2 members in the last quarter (3%) and the salary was increased by an average of 8 730 EUR per employee (70%).

Summary of the year

Each year, an employee receives an average salary of 5 312 EUR per month and a turnover of an average of 93 312 EUR for the company. Labor costs are an average of 18% of turnover.

Wage rally

The company would probably have enough funds to increase the payroll, because in the last declared financial year (2019) the company ended with a profit, which could increase the salary of each employee by a maximum of 2 377 EUR / month (total salary fund) and in that case the company would close its financial year with a similar profit of 28 533 EUR.

Comparsion with the sectoral average

FORTUMO OÜ operates in the sector INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION, where the average monthly salary is 1 519 EUR. In Tartu, where the company operates, the average monthly salary is 1 028 EUR. *

* The average wage is calculated according to the data of the Tax and Customs Board according to the calculation of labor taxes paid in the last 4 quarters (companies that pay wages below the minimum wage or do not pay labor taxes at all are excluded).
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