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      TALLINN, MAJAKA TN 4 K├ť: Wage rally

      In the first quarter of 2021, TALLINN, MAJAKA TN 4 K├ť team consisted of 1 employees, who were paid an estimated average gross salary of 650 EUR / month.



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      Comparsion with the previous quarter

      Compared to the fourth quarter the teams size did not change.

      Summary of the year

      Each year, an employee receives an average salary of 650 EUR per month and a turnover of an average of 3 408 EUR for the company. Labor costs are an average of 26% of turnover.

      Wage rally

      The company would probably not have enough funds to increase the payroll, because the company ended the last declared financial year period (2019) with a loss. If the company increased the salary of each employee by 100 EUR / month, the company's loss would increase by another 1 608 EUR.

      Comparsion with the sectoral average

      TALLINN, MAJAKA TN 4 K├ť operates in the sector REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES, where the average monthly salary is 974 EUR. *

      * The average wage is calculated according to the data of the Tax and Customs Board according to the calculation of labor taxes paid in the last 4 quarters (companies that pay wages below the minimum wage or do not pay labor taxes at all are excluded).

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