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The birth of:HELEPALA OÜ

Based in Tartu,

Estonian companies have a alife expectancy of 6 years on average, and HELEPALA OÜ will need to stay active for another 2 years to achieve that. Their turnover of 8367.00 euros in 2018 is evidence of the company working hard.

This company was founded by Liisa Saaremäel. The leading seat on the management board of HELEPALA OÜ was taken by Liisa Saaremäel (b.28.05.1992), at that time in her student years at 23 years old. Liisa was a fresh face, starting this company with less than a year of business management experience. She had no prior business management experience before taking on running HELEPALA OÜ. She is still head of HELEPALA OÜ.

In addition to HELEPALA OÜ, a further 154 companies are active in the field of "Production and presentation of live theatrical and dance performances". The field's market size is 8.9 million euros.

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