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The birth of:PONUUR OÜ

Based in Räpina, PONUUR OÜ was kick-started 2 years ago.

Estonian companies have a alife expectancy of 6 years on average, and PONUUR OÜ will need to stay active for another 5 years to achieve that. And their handsome turnover in 2018 (5550.00 euros) is a testement that the bosses know what they are doing.

This company was founded by Taavi Lulla. The leading seat on the management board of PONUUR OÜ was taken by Taavi Lulla (b.20.04.1983), at that time in his prime at 35 years old. . Before taking on managing PONUUR OÜ they had been running WMS ENGINEERING OÜ. He is still head of PONUUR OÜ.

In addition to PONUUR OÜ, a further 162 companies are active in the field of "Water collection, treatment and supply". The field's market size is 101.9 million euros, out of which PONUUR OÜ holds a healthy 0.0%!

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