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MUST GREIF OÜ: Operation story

MUST GREIF OÜ started almost 3 years ago when board member M. I. G. founded the company, was new to business with no prior experience.
MUST GREIF OÜ`s field is computer programming activities. According to data from 2020, 3122 more companies are active in the same field (NACE 62011), employing altogether 13663 people and the field has an estimated turnover of around 2.65 billion euros in 2020.

MUST GREIF OÜ - Assets and Finances 2018

  • Productivity per employee: 24 739€
  • Gross margin: 47%
  • No of employees: up by 2


Company`s legal address is Tartu maakond, Tartu linn, Tartu linn, Sõpruse pst 2.

Market share

MUST GREIF OÜ is a company with a 0% market share of the overall turnover in its field in 2019. In the last two years the venture has earned a profit of 82 thousand euros, with a gross turnover of 237,92 thousand euros.
2018 - 100 314 EUR
2019 - 137 606 EUR / up by 37,18%


MUST GREIF OÜ is a successful exporter, making sales to countries in the European Union: Sweden . Exports account for approximately 100 percent of the turnover.

Top 3 in the Field (2018) in Computer programming activities

Companies with the strongest profits, Low Credit Score and Risk Assessment at ’Reliable’:
TELIA EESTI AS 2018 / net profit: 32 278 000 EUR
AGRELLO OÜ 2018 / net profit: 8 074 684 EUR
PERFORCE SOFTWARE AS 2018 / net profit: 5 034 044 EUR

Companies with the heaviest losses, High Credit Score and Risk Assessment at ’Risky’:
CLOUDMARK SOLUTIONS OÜ / Bankrupt. Põhikapital: 2 500 EUR

MUST GREIF OÜ board members

MUST GREIF OÜ board member M. I. G.

M. I. G. started business activities already 2 years ago, being 33 years old. M. I. G. has in total managed 1 company of which he currently is a board member in 1 company. It has active economic activity (incl. VAT payers).

M. I. G. has operated or is operating in the fields of:

1 Computer programming activities (2018 gross turnover 100 314 €, 2019 estimated gross turnover 72 474 €, 2018 4 quarter`s labor taxes 7 063 €, Total employees 3 people and Total fixed assets 2 500 €)

Business area2018 turnover €2019 estimated turnover €Labor taxes €Total staffFixed assets €
1. Computer programming activities100 31472 4747 06332 500

M. I. G.
General data:
Active in business almost 3 years
Companies led: 1
Since 2020 leader of 1 company. It has active economic activity

M. I. G. (all related companies)
Assets and Finances 2018
Labor taxes of active companies: 10 464€
Total turnover: 100 314 EUR
Total profits: 47 535 EUR
Total number of employees: 2
The biggest payroll: MUST GREIF OÜ
Total estimated turnover in 2019: 72 474 EUR

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