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BLUEPRINTMEDIA OÜ tries to capture foreign markets, but until now, exports make up a modest share of total revenue. Last year’s exports made up 1,7 percent of revenue and brought in 5 231 euros.

Hardly any goods are sold in Finland. It’s better than nothing, but it’s a long way from being a heavyweight in the export markets. Maybe next year!

Exports in the last quarter were rather dismal for BLUEPRINTMEDIA OÜ as sales to foreign markets plummeted. While sales outside Estonia brought in 10 650 euros in 2017, the company earned only 5 231 euros from exports in 2018.

The biggest drop was observed in exports to Finland, where the total revenue from sales dropped from a high of 10 650 euros to a low of 5 231 euros. What went wrong?

For comparison, the total exports to Finland by companies within the same sector was 2,265 billion euros, of which the exports of BLUEPRINTMEDIA OÜ made up less than 0,00 percent. While the most successful exporters within the same sector to all markets are companies ERICSSON EESTI AS and ENEFIT ENERGIATOOTMINE AS, companies ABB AKTSIASELTS and STORA ENSO EESTI AS are no slouches when it comes to exports to Finland. Their sales revenues in Finland were 88,97 million and 53,46 million euros respectively.

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