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The birth of:HEA KÕNE MTÜ

Based in Narva,

Estonian companies have a life expectancy of 6 years on average, but HEA KÕNE MTÜ has lasted 2 times as much! Their turnover of 21377.00 euros in 2018 is evidence of the company working hard.

This company was founded byNiina Hämarsoo (29.11.1956) and Svetlana Aleksejeva (03.12.1968). HEA KÕNE MTÜ was led by board members at that timeNiina Hämarsoo (b.29.11.1956), at that time in her midlife at 49 years old. Svetlana Aleksejeva (b.03.12.1968), at that time in her midlife at 37 years old..Niina was a fresh face, starting this company with less than a year of business management experience. She had no prior business management experience before taking on running HEA KÕNE MTÜ. She is still head of HEA KÕNE MTÜ. . Before taking on managing HEA KÕNE MTÜ they had been running NARVA LINN, 26. JUULI TN 3 KÜ. She is no longer frontman of HEA KÕNE MTÜ.

In addition to HEA KÕNE MTÜ, a further 32 companies are active in the field of "Educational support activities". The field's market size is 5.5 million euros.

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