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Y&A GROUP OÜ: Snooze Story

Y&A GROUP OÜ, from Lääne-Viru County, was registered 2 years ago, whilst already in the EU. The newborn venture did not utter a sound and is still fast asleep to this day, lying dormant in the portfolio of Yulia Lukashenko.

There are in all 79 559 such "Sleeping Beauties" in Estonia today (altogether 28.1% of all registered companies). There are 8 948 snoozers in the sector, making up 23.3% of the sector. The snoring is deafening. Within the sector, in the same EMTAK field "Ärinõustamine jm juhtimisalane nõustamine", 3 355 companies have been set up only to collect dust on a shelf (31.9% of the field).

If on average Estonian companies are active for up to 8 years, then whether hibernating or awake, Y&A GROUP OÜ is still wet behind the ears.

The company was set up by Antonina Isajeva and a seat on the board was taken up by välismaa kodanik Yulia Lukashenko, in his/her prime at 33 years old (b. 29.10.1986). The fresh board member had no previous experience to show. He/she could not or would not make the company rise and shine and is still waiting for the company to magically resurrect. Y&A GROUP OÜ has not seen any other Prince(ss) Board Members come to the rescue, and evidently a kiss was not enough to break the spell, as the Sleeping Beauty has not stirred.

Prince Charming/Fairy Godmother Yulia Lukashenko cannot boast much business success, since is not a board member in any other company.

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