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Coming soon – webpage owner’s background on display while browsing!

ScoreStorybook will soon be launching a powerful browser extension for homepages – allowing you to see the background of the owner of the page while browsing. The solution will first cover Estonian webpages, and neighbouring countries will follow in the autumn.

Storybook browser extension will reveal which company’s page you’re on and how reliable the company is today. The extension will also disclose the country of the beneficial owners – whether the cash staying in Estonia or flowing abroad.

The extension highlights compact information on the owner of the webpage: background info, solvency and published digital stories. In addition, you can add your own reviews/comments about the page and read others commentators’ opinions and assessments – right there in the browser extension.

The Credit Score icon (with its 99.5% accuracy), developed by Estonian data scientists, shows the changes in the company solvency over the course of time, and in real-time. Green indicates a reliable company and bright red signals risky business.

Registered users can choose to follow the owner-company of the webpage to keep up to date with its significant events today and in the future.

Some of the uses for the extension are:

1) assessing the reliability of an online store – a high risk assessment also means a higher risk of failure to deliver the goods you order on time, or possibly simply failure to deliver.

2) assessing the reliability of suppliers – when reading descriptions of goods and services on a company’s webpage, be sure to check Storybook for digital Stories on the company and its owners from the past. The page allows you to review others’ comments as well.

3) finding potential customers – when browsing a potential client’s webpage, you can move from the browser extension into Storybook to see recommendations for similar companies. Go ahead and explore – the list of recommendations is growing every day.

The Storybook browser extension helps you make excellent business decisions absolutely anytime, anywhere.

Available in Estonia today – and on the global market soon!

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