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Estonian Creditors Association: Our Every Member is Visible on

All members of the Estonian Creditors Association have now the option to use new digital membership cards. It is a recently developed digital certificate indicating a transparent, trustworthy and innovative company. Every member of the Estonian Creditors Association has a banner indicating their membership on their profile page on; clicking the banner opens up the updated ‘trustworthy partner’ certificate of the company.

The Estonian Creditors Association has been issuing certificates to its members since 2015, to give recognition to members and certify their reliability. The certificate provides security to clients and partners, helps companies build a good reputation and develop their brand. It all began with the realisation that when a company enters bankruptcy proceedings in Estonia, it is already too late. It was evident that early warning signs were necessary to separate the sheep from the goats in a clear, precise and independent manner.

These new digital certificates of the association are a huge step forward. Thanks to the addition of Credit Score, the company can certify that it has not only been highly regarded in the past, but is so at the moment and will be in the future. Certificates will be displayed on the company profile on and every member of the Estonian Creditors Association will have the right and possibility to print it or use it in company online channels.

You can find out more about the association, the certificate and its application on the webpage ‘’Eesti Võlausaldajate Liit: uued tunnistused on samm edasi läbipaistva ja tugevama majanduse suunas“ (‘Estonian Creditors Association: New certificates are a step towards a stronger and more transparent economy’)


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