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Estonian entrepreneurship is like an opera

The face of many Estonian entrepreneurs is not visible today, as it is covered with different masks depending on the time, place and situation. Whether for damaged credibility or something else, but after the first economic crisis of this century, Estonian entrepreneurship is somewhat like a sad opera.

Some entrepreneurs have masks (companies / business bodies) to act upon, a couple, others a dozen and a third even more. Who doesn’t try to look behind such a mask, after all, doesn’t know who he’s actually communicating with? Whose promises do he keep in his business and who does he trust to give his money to?

Storybook articles show behind the masks – the main purpose of our articles is to draw attention and raise questions. In our writings, we focus on the facts of public business information, which we use to evaluate the situation of companies and ask questions about entrepreneurship. And wherever possible, we reflect the situation in a humane way and through a sense of humor.

Because there are many events to be noticed, the main and a cautionary story is the Storybook`s Sob Stories, which instantly informs the company`s  debt to other creditors. Sob Story articles are enriched with a red background and two mask icons: one face laughs and the other cries. That’s why the title of the article is “Sob Story”.

Entrepreneurship has changed over time – development or degeneration?

Entrepreneurship today is no longer what it was a decade ago, and for the sake of economic development, change should generally be a good indicator. Unfortunately, in some very important aspects, it is not.

Figuratively speaking, most entrepreneurs built their company like a house at that time. Stone by stone, so-called hands blistering and back in pain, collapsing at the end of the day, to start again in the morning and work towards a bright future in the distance. To leave behind a lasting legacy. The company then was the same as the entrepreneur, they were one face and one body. Compared to today, there were a handful of entrepreneurs, they all knew each other. Whoever undermined his credibility had his name defiled.

Of course, in the information age, all processes have accelerated, there has been a qualitative change in the nature of entrepreneurship, and not all entrepreneurs are and always will be focused on long-term results. But doing so, in one way or another, it is not, in any aspect or form, justified living at the expense of others and undermining them for Your own goals. Even if maneuvering in the holes of the law allows it.

In private, we are not willing to talk only with masks, why do we accept it in business?

Masks can be purchased quickly and easily compared to a house. Instead of building a house, the focus is now on the moment. Today here, tomorrow there, leaping like a grasshopper from business to business, chewing and biting from here and there, without ever asking what is being left behind and at whose expense?

If the child turns his head for a moment, can we snatch the candy between his fingers on the grounds that “It was stupid that You did not to watch!”. Unfortunately, many of today’s “entrepreneurs” think they can, because how else to explain the rise in mass debt and the abandonment of businesses?  When asked for justification for such behavior, we get the answer: “It was stupid that you did not control and gave me money”.

The purpose of Storybook is to bring out the faces behind the masks again. To lose the idea of ​​wearing hundreds of masks (read: business faces and business bodies).

The articles in Storybook`s Sob Story highlight the name of the member of the board that caused the debt, so today there is no use for the use of frontman or liquidation, deliberate bankruptcy. If the debt is incurred, it remains with the board member until the debt is paid to the creditor.

A transparent business environment will be cheaper for everyone

For entrepreneurs who see each other’s face and thus only deal with those who are trustworthy and do not maliciously incur debts.

All those who do not actually do business or create more lasting value, instead of masquerading or living in debt, are forced to return to the labor market.

For a country that does not have to cultivate staff and systems to account for all those companies faces and bodies, to “modernize lawmaking” and “streamline control systems” respectively.

Together we build a fairer and more transparent business environment

Let’s tear off the masks that some entrepreneurs use to hide their faces. We show them exactly as they are and only reflect fact-based storytelling. With this open and exposed information, companies can make more informed and accurate decisions about who to work with and on what basis.

Let`s leave opera and masks behind us, it is only a matter of actresses and singers, and begin to do serious, honest and transparent business, thereby creating value for ourselves, for our country and for future generations.

Creditor: Come contribute to a more transparent economy – give up those debtors that have caused you harm:

Debtor: Step into payment schedule, we thank you on behalf of the Creditor – the mask disappears and Sob Story article goes out.


Aspiring to fairness and transparency in economy

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