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Invoice insurance in just two minutes – give risk-free business a go!

We are giving you a heads-up on a new type of credit insurance available soon – INVOICE INSURANCE – a concept unique not only in Estonia but the whole world over, with roots in traditional trade credit insurance.

Invoice insurance enables insuring separate invoices issued to clients, or directing the insurance payment to the receiver of the invoice. Often when trading internationally or issuing large invoices to clients, it can cause concern – can the client pay the bill? New foreign clients or current clients with a tendency to run late on their payments also increase the feeling that you might not be paid on time – if at all. Invoice insurance eliminates this risk and enables companies to trade with confidence – both on the domestic and international market.

This innovative type of credit insurance does not necessitate insuring your whole client portfolio – you can choose to use insurance cover on only new and unfamiliar customers.

The invoice-based insurance cover is provided by an international credit insurance group with a turnover of ca 4 billion euros last year – and we will be publishing their name soon. Scorestorybook will be offering invoice insurance on company profiles (media pages and Obligations Reports) starting from September – and only in cases when the company is eligible for insurance cover; giving you additional information on whether a company is fit for business or even an insurance company does not want to add it to its portfolio.

We are thrilled to be the introducing this unique product in Estonia, and having a large corporation test the viability of a highly necessary product for the whole world here in IT-savvy Estonia. We can already declare that the product will be affordable – but more on that in future news.

Estonia gained world renown for ease of setting up business – in under two minutes! So why not take it further and make Estonia famous – for just two minutes to risk-free business!

More information:

See in more detail which data is used for insurance cover risk assessment for Estonian enterprises: A list of Register API machine-readable data

Want to join our invoice insurance package already today – get in touch with us: Mattias Nõlvak, phone no 507 9255 or email


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