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Jan’s hairdressing visit

Jan had a good day today going to the hairdresser and getting rid of a few annoying curls. And oh the luck, the service was paid off by us, the taxpayers, but also by the state, led by the Tax Board and the Commercial Registry. So how did Jan get this haircut for free?

For example, let’s imagine that the man in this picture (it’s not Jan because Jan has tens of times more hair) has three hairs related to him. The hairdresser has to do a hairstyle. One hair wants a curl, the other wants to been straightened and a third wants a gel. You do as requested. So who do you ask for money from now? From each hair, or – what would be more logical – the person to whom these hairs grow?

Often in credit sales, this is a situation where you only check the background of the business, but ignore the person who actually does the things and pulls the cord, ie who “wears the hair”.

This is where the ScoreStorybook comes up with a unique and highly concise solution: a Board Member CV.

We have used personal sources and thorough analytics to compile personal CVs for absolutely all Estonian entrepreneurs, showing their payment behavior pattern, or “hairstyle” here.

Let’s look at the CV of this entrepreneur, for example: Jan Kittus (frontman).

But why was Jan having a good day today? Because the Commercial Register forced the high-debt companies under its name to go out because they had several reports missing. You don’t have to bother yourself because the “haircut” is adjusted by the state for free.

However, if you really need to examine each hair in detail, we also give you a magnifying glass:



This is a company page in the ScoreStorybook that lists various report blocks.

Want more information on how to use our systems? Write me on LinkedIn, we’ll get to know eachother and we will make the business landscape more transparent and ethical with you 🙂

Once you get “hand white” using our environment, you will never want to try anything again! 🙂

Best regards,

Liisi Raudsik


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