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Joel Rannat: Competitive advantage over 50 000 000 companies

My name is Joel and I’m the sales manager for the ScoreStorybook team. My story is global brand-, marketing- and sales management.

How to promote yourself and your company brand among 80 countries and 50 million entrepreneurs? With its solutions, ScoreStorybook has won the fervent approval of the people of Estonia and our user base is up to 85% of the working age population! If we have been able to make the people of practically the whole country use our services, we are convinced that we will be able to provide it worldwide!

Lead your company brand globally – make yourself visible to 50,000,000 companies!

Most businesses have the same dilemma on the web: their website can best brand itself, but there are relatively few viewers. Mainstream media has a lot of viewers, but it cannot show itself in the best way because most viewers are not your target audience and are not motivated by a buying interest. Like mainstream media, Storybook has a lot of viewers, but they are motivated – they have come here not to look for entertainment, but above all to find and read information. Each Estonian (and soon to be worldwide) company and board member has their own media page on Storybook. The storys are the company’s own content marketing article or brand story. However, in the absence of this article, the story of the competitor is reflected –  whoever does not want to talk to their own viewers, the competitors will speak for them.

Storybook has given You the ability to show your brand across all the different keys: Add relevant and unique keywords to your business to come up in search; recruit through us, model yourself as an employer brand; generate various interesting and engaging storys; put your services / products on Storybook; take part in obtaining orders or place your own order – wall-to-wall opportunities to expand your brand and I believe we will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Content Marketing Articles – Talk to your visitors in person

Storybook has created a personal media page for each Estonian company and board member and supplemented them with various articles or stories. To date, more than 1.5 million stories have been published about Estonian firms and leaders. Each company has the opportunity to design their own media page by editing articles or even adding stories about their own business and products/services.

Use ScoreStorybook as your personal media channel and set up your media page here. This means high business online discovery, the highest number of motivated viewers, versatile and effective content marketing and its persistence over time, distinguishing it from competitors by displaying its unique face, and increasing credibility through independent background information and credit recommendation.

Publishing branded content marketing articles on Storybook, Your own personal media channel, works to increase brand awareness and product demand throughout the year. An important part of a company’s media page is the business background information about the company. The Independent Credit Score, and its credit rating of a company (99.5% accuracy) alongside brand image and content marketing articles, gives the visitor confidence in choosing You as his/her partner. The credit score model is science-based and internationally recognized.

We want to point out that branding and content marketing can only be created by companies that have a reliable and effective credit rating. Those who work hard and want to be honest and caring entrepreneurs gain additional strength from us.

Targeted Sales Lists – Choose Customers from 123,118,500 Companies Worldwide!

Purchasing sales lists often comes down to the fact that the listings are not well targeted, contain erroneous data, and contain already deleted or problematic businesses. ScoreStorybook has also addressed this concern, and with the base, the customer will be able to choose the sales lists they need, with high quality and enriched information. Either select existing lists or have a special list created. And globally!

If you want to know what’s going on in your area of ​​activity, who’s doing it and who’s going, order a review of the industry.

Also, if you are looking for a business on the ScoreStorybook or you are on a business media page, with the beautiful purple colour and badges we have also marked the opportunity to order industry overview or a sales list for that sector. All for your convenience and time savings.

I am glad that you read it to the end of my Story – hence the topics that spoke to you. But let’s talk more about it, and I’ll give you my LinkedIn account – write to me and let`s set up a plan to take your brand, marketing and sales to new heights! 🙂

Joel Rannat: LinkedIn

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