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Liisi Raudsik: Creditworthiness with 99,5% accuracy. Anytime, anywhere.

Hello! My name is Liisi and I am the CEO of Kreedix OÜ. My story is contemporary credit management and a new age debt process.

Kreedix OÜ offers a full range of credit management services, using new and modern tools and debt management, using unique measures.Liisi 2

I have been active in this field for over five years and have witnessed the powerful developments that have been achieved by the companies of our group working together.

I can say that we are pioneers in Estonia in both credit management and debt management. We have developed various scientific and technical models to describe the source data in our own way.
Here are some of the key solutions we use in our work, in addition to traditional credit and debt management:

Credit score: 99,5% accuracy

Credit score is an analytical and self-studying model developed with top Estonian scientists and its accuracy is even 99.5%! The model aims to report on the likelihood that a company will cease activity in the next year and default its debts. The model has also been recognized and approved by one of the largest international credit insurance groups.

Digital media – Digital Stories From 70 Million Companies Across 80 Countries

The ScoreStorybook contains over 1.5 million articles about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs. In half a year we have been able to produce the same amount of articles as the Estonian media in ten years! The aim is to supplement and enrich the standard and drab data arrays and to show businessmen/woman in a new and modern storytelling key. While most of the articles are informative and largely neutral in tone, the most stringent debt recovery measure used in debt management is the Sob Story article, which specifically reflects the member of the board that caused the debt and its current businesses where he/she operates.

Storybook Chrome web browser extension – Works for you 24/7, anytime, anywhere

Storybook has developed a unique and renowned Chrome Web Browser extension that shows the financial background of the owner of the website, along with any comments and ratings, on any website in the world. In addition, this web content automatically highlights companies and board members to find out in a second what the credit score and “wallet” of that person or company is.

The above services are unique in Estonia and our innovativeness and rapid development has ensured us a huge number of users: 85% of the Estonian working age population, so our website is visited by more than 50 000 users a day! The large user base and our technology-friendliness have ensured our success in providing these services. In addition to our credit management services, we also use Storybook’s in-depth reports, and apply Storybook’s Sob Story articles as the most stringent debt collection measures.

Our goal is a fair and transparent economy, equally for all.

Take your step towards modern credit management and contact us today to implement these solutions!

Write to me: Liisi Raudsik on LinkedIn

For a fair and transparent economy!

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