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Mattias Nõlvak: Risk-free and self-sufficient entrepreneurship in 70 countries


My name is Mattias and I’m the CBDO of Storybook. I’ve been working in the business for 5 years and have mainly focused on efficient solutions for data management and credit insurance.

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These are the services I can provide to you:

Big data, analytics & API – collect all the data You need, just in seconds

The essential idea is quite simple – your company is growing, your products and services are always getting better and each passing year brings new data blocks for you to manage. We are capable of providing and updating hundreds of data blocks and you can combine the data of your choice and with the most suitable solution.

API helps you deal with outdated information in your system, so you and your employees can focus on your main tasks, without having to waste a moment of your time to look up information or correct data inserted to your system years ago.

Has a client of yours run into financial difficulties? We got you covered and notify you in time, using our most advanced Credit Score model, which has also been recognized internationally.

Has a client of yours had significant growth within the past year? We’ll make sure you’re aware of it and can focus on a potentially bigger sale right now, before anyone else gets there before you!

About to ship your products? Here’s the updated address information for you!

As you can see, the solutions are endless! From reducing the chances of human errors in data entry, to essentially knowing everything there is to know about all of your customers, 24/7!

Credit & Invoice insurance – get paid every single time

The next step to managing your credit. Never again should you worry about whether a customer of yours pays in time! This consequently increases your own credibility for banks, suppliers, etc.

Credit insurance fits your business best if you find yourself in front of these problems:

· Planning to expand internationally, but do not know anything about the potential customers financial status.

· You or your employees constantly spend time and money to do background checks on your customers but still end up having to write off bad credit decisions each year.

· You are having difficulties finding financing solutions or negotiating better terms from your suppliers due to your cashflows being uneven.

Briefly, credit insurance solves all your credit management issues from start to finish – background checks, monitoring and in the rare cases also debt collection, which can also lead to reimbursement.


A bit about the future!

We started off as brokers, mediating whole portfolio credit insurance to our Estonian customers. Having done that for quite some time, we found that there could be a better way of doing it – a possibility of ensuring single customers and/or invoices, in real time.

Therefore, within the years of 2019-2020, we will be co-operating with the biggest credit insurance companies in the world, to start providing such an online solution, where you can check the client’s background, ask for an offer and ensure the deal all within 2 minutes: Invoice insurance in just two minutes – give risk-free business a go!

Get in touch with me to see how we can make your day-to-day business processes more efficient!


Here is my LinkedIn account

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