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REGISTER OÜ: The Fastest-Growing Business Media Channel in Estonia?

Inforegister’s business media that was launched earlier this year on April 26th reached 1,000 articles already in June – meaning fresh business news on a daily basis. Recently, Activity Stories were added to the profiles of ca 100,000 companies and these are continually developed to become even more precise. We have increased traffic on our webpage on average by 6% a month and we plan to be the highest-traffic business channel on the B2B market.

Why should You add Inforegister to Your reading list and consider us as Your potential marketing channel and co-operation partner?

The working age population of Estonia in 2018 is around 700,00 people, and 70% of them – 475,000 people – visit Inforegister’s page every month. Around 33% of them (156,000) use Inforegister regularly as it provides them with valuable fresh information. They spend on average 2 min 47 sec on the page and complete around 3-4 clicks to subpages –taking into account returning visitors, it amounts to 2.9 million pageviews of Inforegister a month!

Thanks to the power of data, our approach to article generation is slightly different from competitive business media sources, but as reader numbers are skyrocketing we can draw the conclusion that we are doing the right thing – this is what was missing from the Estonian market!

High noise levels of media outlets

The 3.2 billion Internet users in the world are targeted by immense numbers of media channels and millions of entrepreneurs. Media outlets tend to tip everything into one melting pot – entertainment, food and drink, politics and economics, sports and celebrities – so that those typing keywords as different as ‘best lasagne recipe’ and ‘top-salary companies in Estonia’ end up on the same page.

What are the chances that when you are on the lookout for ‘quality olive oil’ and typing in the keyword takes you to a page with bathroom tile adverts, you decide to buy tiles instead of oil?

Purchasing advertising from such a portal you need to be aware that even though Your advert will be seen by many, the potential for sales/new clients is low. The probability of the right person seeing your message and reacting to it is truly tiny owing to information noise and banner blindness.

No noise on Inforegister

How many media channels in Estonia can say that their reader is well and truly interested in business media? Inforegister can!

The tool for web analytics, Google Analytics, reveals the fact that 86% of all readers reach Inforegister through Google search.

Inforegister Lugejad

Google Search Console analytics reveal that 95% of the keywords that take people to Inforegister are related to names of Estonian enterprises or entrepreneurs. Keywords such as ‘bankrupt’, ‘payment default’, ‘board member’, ‘background check’ and names of larger/smaller companies stand out as well. Visitors of Inforegister are almost exclusively related to business – entrepreneurs, board members, employees, those reading up on economy and the labour market, office managers and personal assistants, sales personnel, owners, competitors.

Battle of the Giants

According to, Inforegister (474,000) and Äripäev [Business Day] (535,000) compete for first place for webpage traffic. Based on 2018, at times it seems Inforegister is set to win, at times – Äripäev. From January onwards, Inforegister was in the lead but Äripäev overtook us in April. In the long run, Inforegister has a more stable visitor count than Äripäev.

Similarweb Inforegister Vs äripäev

These two giants are followed by RIK [Centre of Registers and Information Systems] (391,000) and E-krediidiinfo [E-Credit Information] (388,000), according to Visitors spend the most time on RIK page, on average 11 minutes per visitor! The lengthy visits are due to the visitors looking at about 16 subpages per visit. In addition, RIK has the lowest bounce rate at 20% meaning that of all the visitors that reach their page, 80% remain there. But this is understandable because the national register allows for a variety of activities: their scope ranging from submitting annual reports to accessing e-Files.

The typical visitor spends an average of two and a half minutes on the Inforegister page, visiting about three subpages. The numbers are similar for E-krediidiinfo and Äripäev, but Bounce Rate informs us that in comparison, Inforegister offers more fascinating content because of all the visitors on the page, 47% stay on to read Inforegister, 42% remain on Äripäev’s and 39% on E-krediidiinfo’s page.

See how You can enhance marketing on Inforegister based on 5 experience desing principles.

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