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REGISTER OÜ: Up For Grabs – Your Share of 78 Billion Euros of Sales Profits!

In the year 2017, the world produced 2.5 quintillion bits of data every day. Today, we produce three times as much. Technological progress is on our doorstep in every field, with data amounts growing the fastest. Growth is no longer measured in percentages, but times of total volume. And, 90% of all data in the world has been created in only the last two years.

A study by the European Commission (2015) forecast that in 2016, the open data market in EU countries (28+) would amount to 55.3 billion euros. In 2016-2020, the market volume is predicted to grow by 36.9%, reaching 75.7 billion euros by 2020. In 2016-2020, direct cumulative market volume is estimated at 325 billion euros.

We at Inforegister know what these numbers mean, because we operate in the data market and we see the astounding acceleration that data and data analytics can give to businesses. It is not simply powerful – it is a superpower! Knowing this, we want to provide for each Estonian company high-tech solutions to boost their business.

We enable integrating data and data analytics to Your apps and other systems to an amount and extent not available anywhere else. If You wish, you can get data and automatic updates as csv-files – even instantly and on a daily basis, if needed.

Here is a list of our most unique data and analytical models that are machine-readable and based on markers such as registry code etc.:

  • Automatically generated (digital) stories – more than a million articles about Estonian entrepreneurs and companies + updates.
  • Keyword-based search (products/services) for companies:
  • The Estonian market – details for ca 140 000 registered companies
  • The global market (81 countries) – details for 70 000 000 companies
  • Credit Scores for Estonian companies and Credit Risk Score (science-based, with a 99.7% accuracy) – ca 250.000 companies
  • Credit Scores for global companies and Credit Risk Score (based on online data) – ca 70 million companies
  • Value of beneficial owner’s assets
  • Net value of assets (updated when the Credit Score changes)
  • Value of companies based on FCFF formula
  • State of origin of the beneficiary etc
  • Export turnover and percentage of overall turnover – for years 2015-2017 and a prognosis for 2018/2019.
  • Finances, financial ratios and ratings – for years 2013-2018
  • Annual report prognosis for 2019 – 8 balance sheet and income statement line items, ratios and ratings
  • Available credit and estimated number of settlement days
  • Average gross salaries, taxes paid and number of employees (quarterly data since 2015)
  • CVs of board members – labels (using a straw man, abandoned company with debt,
  • debt assumption, micro company with a turnover of 100K). The weighted average Credit Risk Score for board member’s companies.
  • Reputation Score (NEW!) – (Brand Management Score, Credit Management Score, Sales Management Score, Personnel Management Score and Asset Management Score) + weighted average Score
  • Comments and reviews online including Chrome extensions
  • Court decisions – separate variables/values: plaintiff/defendant, payment orders, sections and subsections etc)
  • Payment Order Department’s regulations (separate variables/values: claimant, main claim, collateral claims, age of claim)
  • Bailiffs’ notices – (separate variables/values: claimant, main claim, collateral claims, deadline)
  • Tax debt, private debt, trade bans, missing declarations etc
  • Public procurements – (separate data and updates)
  • Subsidies (EAS, KIK, PRIA)

A list of all machine-readable data types and detailed descriptions is available HERE

Be part of it – reduce Your company’s expenses and increase Your income, enhance Your products and create new ones.  

Attaching to API platform has taken companies a maximum of a few business days, depending on the amount of data requested. In addition, we have created opportunities for companies who cannot at this point attach to API to receive data as csv files. It is also possible to add new registry codes to Your request list through Inforegister’s monitoring system.  

To receive csv files all You need to do is let us know what data You would like to obtain and the data and updates will always reach Your contact e-mail(s) on the times and dates agreed 

Interested in Your share of the 78 billion euros of sales profits? Contact us at:

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