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REGISTER OÜ: What is the difference between a legal person and a natural person?

According to Estonian business law, there exists two different persons – legal and natural persons. The latter come in contact with our daily work, hurrying to shop, and watching a movie at the cinema. The list is of course endless, but who is this legal entity? Can  he/she also walk past us every day or say hello on the street?

A little reflection and the answer is NO. There is no way to get in touch with a legal person in urban space, because in reality, it does not exist. But how is that still possible? Let’s take a momentum here and take a closer look at the legal entity.

A legal person has no privacy

In our work, we face day-to-day angry businessmen who are threatening us to sue in different instances if we do not immediately remove their former connection from Company X. Here is one example (spelling unchanged):

Already seriously I will keep your company on trial if you do not remove all the data related to me .. How is that possible? that any stupid, looks at my personal code and other details.
For 3 years, when I sold the company and that crap is there in the past. ”

Unfortunately, the previous letter sheds light on two issues – public personal information and keeping the past in the present. There are many similar letters, but what do we do?

If at some point it is decided to become an entrepreneur, it is worthwhile to start acquiring knowledge about the business world. The following is an excerpt from the Commercial Code:

A legal person as an abstract legal entity has no privacy and related data, including the names of the board members together with their date of birth and personal identification code, are not covered by the Personal Data Protection Act, as they are not private but economic data business register. The purpose of the disclosure is to ensure a reliable transaction flow.

In other words, a legal entity does not really exist. It is a inanimate shell of person with date of birth, personal identification code, name, business history and contact details (if any), to which a natural person gives only the brain and the hand to sign. A legal person is engaged only in economic activities and, therefore, in order to ensure its sound operation, all related matters are public.

Relationship of a natural person with a former company

However, when it comes to linking a natural person with a former company, it is worthwhile to start with all of the above. If all matters pertaining to a legal entity are public, the disclosure of this public information does not violate the law. So, when starting your business, we recommend that you remember the sentence of one of the Estonian movie: “Look, you can get out of jail shortly after hitting somebody, but you are standing in the song for a hundred years.” The same applies to the publicity of the data of a legal person and its links.

Natural or legal person?

What are the main differences between a natural person and a legal person:

Natural person Legal person
Personal code Non-public Public
Private life Non-public Public
Former Relationships None Public
Posting a Person’s Name on the Web Unlawful Lawful
Contact details Non-public Public

Finally, once again, when starting a business or applying to become a board member (because you can only apply for board membership with the consent of a person), you also need to remember that your personal information will be made public in the future.

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