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Register OÜ: What is This Ugly Beast Called the GDPR, Keeping us in Suspense with Personal Data?

John has come to court, because his private life is being strongly violated. The reason is that on the Inforegister portal, his business partners and potential employees can check his management patterns and the economic situation of his companies without his consent. John feels he should have the inviolable right to be the only one to give out information about himself, and only information he is willing to share, at that.

Judge: ‘Your complaint is your personal data has been violated?’

John: ‘Yes, Inforegister displays my name alongside my company and infringes my personal life with that.’

Judge: ‘And you wish to stop this infringement on private life by invoking your right according to article 18 of the GDPR?’

John: ‘Yes, I want all of the data related to me be displayed without any names. All information that allows me to be directly or indirectly identified, is personal data, and this data infringes on me very-very deeply.’

Judge: ‘So you are not offended by not having met your obligations and paid your debts as a board member, but you are offended by Inforegister displaying your name related to your companies’ names?

John: ‘Yes, I am very much offended by this sort of displaying of names. All other information should be public because I need the clients.’

Judge: ‘But how will the clients know to contact you?’

John: ‘They can call me, obviously. The number is on my girlfriend’s name and no-one knows this number. No unwanted thug is going to infringe on me on that number.’

Judge: ‘But why would a client want to call a number that is related to unmet reporting obligations and overdue payments?’

John: ‘Well, as long as my girlfriend’s company doesn’t have any debts, they can call me there, but yeah, one day, I’m going to have to find a new girlfriend…’

All jokes aside, on the topic of personal data in relation to all companies in the Kreedix Group, including the Inforegister portal administered by Register OÜ, keep an eye out for a news article to draw your own conclusions on the story of John and the Judge.

Aspiring for a fair and transparent economy!

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