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REGISTER OÜ: Why is Credit Score the best tool for credit management?

Credit score is the only science-based and truly reliable credit management tool in Estonia that you can use conveniently in the business, customer management and accounting software you are used to working with!

1. You can rely on Credit Score

The Credit score is created in cooperation with experts in the field and top Estonian scientists.  15 years of expert know-how and more than hundreds of different features in a machine learning model, determines the probability of corporate insolvency within the next 12 months with an accuracy of 99.5%

➕ Credit score calculates daily the credit risk of all Estonian companies based on constantly changing data.
➖ However, traditional credit risk models rely on data that is updated on average once a year!

Thus, traditional models of credit risk assessment are not able to respond to changes occurring, for example, in the middle of the year. However, Credit Score processes all business-related data sets on a daily basis, so it can react and inform the user immediately:

  • You can monitor new customers’ solvency in real time – at the point of sale or after the sale, if there is an immediate need
  • You will be informed daily and automatically when the customer’s credit risk increases.
  • You can evaluate the entire customer base’s credit risk in just a few seconds, even with very large bases.

➖Normal background check is a time consuming acitivity, from collecting information from various sources to analyzing it.
➕With Smart Credit Score, this job gets done automatically and is conveniently in real time, right in the middle of business processes.

2. How can you use Credit Score?

USER, if your Customer Management system or other business intelligence software does not yet have a Credit Score installed, please contact us and we will work with you to get the Credit Score to the heart of your business.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, Deploy Credit Score in your software so you can provide your client with the ability to work faster and more efficiently – contact us and we will work with you to bring Credit Score to users.

3. Your accurate, fast and intelligent assistant

Credit risk assessment can be automated with Credit Score such that the entire company has already undergone a credit check on its entire customer base every business day morning, and sales know every day exactly what each customer’s solvency is.

“Accurate and intelligent credit management every day. Where you need it most”

Credit Score uses information about companies that dates back up to 1.5 years and combines it with new information that changes daily (such as debt information and board member relationships). Credit Score uses data sets as input data:


In this way, Credit Score estimates the likelihood of corporate insolvency or forced extinction over the next 12 months. The value, or score, calculated by the Credit Score thus represents the maximum likelihood that the firm defaults on its obligations to the creditor.

The way Credit Score works is very simple:

The model calculates the score

Scores are divided into risk classes

Risk classes help you make credit decisions

The scores calculated by the Credit Score model are always between 0 and 1, where 0 means low and 1 high score. The score is divided into 5 risk classes to facilitate and accelerate credit decisions. Risk class based behavioral guidelines will help you make better decisions at the time of sale and after the due date if the invoice is not paid.


The Credit Score model has been developed in cooperation with the Software Technology Development Center and data scientists at the University of Tartu. The model has been developed using machine learning techniques that include self-learning algorithms, which can detect hidden relationships and make predictions based on them.

With the help of a credit score, companies can easily assess the credit risk of new customers and keep track of the solvency of their long-term customers. This helps you make very quick and wise decisions – whether and under what conditions to give your customer credit. The evaluation of each client is based on the same methodology, which is not affected by subjective evaluations.


If you would like to receive the Credit Score in your own systems, please contact us at or call 19099.

P.S. If you do not have data interface, you can order Credit Score on a weekly basis using an Excel file.

“Accurate and intelligent credit management every day. Where you need it most. ”

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