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STORYBOOK OÜ: A Measure of Your Status: The Reputation Score. Check out the Reputation of Your Company (VIDEO)

The familiar Reputation Score has been used for years on Inforegister as an overall score with no reference to any sort of value judgment. The scale of the Inforegister’s Reputation Score is an assessment of both the company’s indicators as well as the general economic situation.

But now, we have added significant updates to the Reputation Score algorithm and we can specify exact results – values.

The new Reputation Score is a measure of a company’s reputation, based on a combination of five quality measurements of business management processes:

  • Brand management
  • Credit management
  • Sales management
  • Personnel management
  • Asset management

The Reputation Score is divided up into levels – five levels going up (high values) and five levels going down (low values).

The previous Reputation Scores were developed by experts in the field; the new model is already data-science-based, helping us to better define and evaluate the quality of company management processes.

The experts’ derivatives were utilised in elaborating the model, developing the variables of business management processes and their influence – all in all close to 1,200 variables. The results were converted to companies based on company size and field of activity, and influential factors were obtained.

It should be pointed out that the algorithm for the data-science-based Reputation model also uses variables that come from online data.

All of our analytical models are available as REGISTER API or CSV-files with real-time or request-based updates. Keeping up to date with intelligent data will help you excel at sales and save on costs.

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