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STORYBOOK OÜ: A Personal Media Page for Each Estonian Enterprise – Take Charge of Your Brand!

Most companies face the same dilemma online – it is easiest to introduce yourself via a homepage, but this will attract relatively low traffic. Mainstream media has plenty of viewers, but it is challenging to present your best self there because most viewers are not your target group and have no motivation to buy.

Storybook has solved this contradiction for all Estonian companies in one go!

Storybook has opened up a personal media page for each Estonian enterprise and has created a whole array of content articles for each page. Sob Story has attracted the most attention, but we have a variety of other Stories such as Success Story, Person’s Story, etc – all in all close to 1.5 million Stories about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs.

The good news is that every company can now edit, expand, or delete these Stories. The company’s media page can be enriched with content marketing and brand marketing articles – creating a condensed brand presentation from every angle and aspect, as a company, employer, partner, product, expert – a 360° brand. Just like mainstream media, Storybook has high visitor numbers, but the difference is our visitors are motivated – they are not looking for entertainment but information. We will soon be launching a Marketing report that will give you exact data on how much your media page is read as a whole and by each individual article, trends and other analytics.

The 0.56 million visitors (per month) are first and foremost interested (motivated to buy) viewers. To put it in context, that is 85% of the Estonian working age population. Read more on how to achieve efficient and cost-effective 360° brand marketing.

Your Personal Media Channel on Storybook Viewer needs a hand in decision-making Looking for information 360° brand marketing High reliability Business background information Condensed presentation 24/7/365

For example, this same article that you are now reading is part of Storybook’s media page. All our brand articles are available below, linked to our company brand (Inforegister profile). Every page provides access to our homepage as well, and all brand marketing materials are linked together on a high-traffic website. To put it short – the perfect media channel. Start using 360° brand marketing today!

Get a personal quote – we have put one together for each Estonian enterprise.

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