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STORYBOOK OÜ: Advertising is dead, long live content marketing!

Usual advertising does not work and has become a “wallpaper”. Instead, the viewer appreciates the opportunity to find out something that is generally beneficial to them, regardless of the specific product brand. If, however, a brand or company has already been mentioned somewhere, the vast majority will appreciate the opportunity to read about the company’s background before making a decision. A top marketer knows this, and the quality of content marketing helps over the wallpaper problem.

How is content marketing different from advertising?

The difference between content marketing and advertising could be that if advertising is like standing on a roadside with a poster, then content marketing is like meeting people with common interests and thus engaging with one another.

After standing by the roadside with a poster, we do not know who is sitting in the passing car, does he/she sees our information and does it speak to them? For those sitting in the car, all these posters are a mass of letters and mirrors along the road, disturbing the focus on driving. So it’s no wonder a “banana peel flies out the window” and hits an advertisement. However, we recognize that posters are very versatile to stand out in the crowd: they are black and white and colourful, moving and standing, interactive and truly surprising, and so on. However, this motivation problem remains the same – the viewer generally has no interest in watching the advertisement, and if it does, it will not be easily noticeable when passing by (eg surfing the news). He/she didn’t come here to see the ad, but for some other reason.

Content marketing takes a completely different approach, it starts with an interested viewer, not Your message. To do this, it defines, in addition to the usual: what to say and who to talk to, where the viewer is going. And with their messages, they go where the most right people are, who are also thirsty for the information they offer. Certainly, with content marketing, you don’t go where your desired audience is, but where they have come and taken the time to be.

Content marketing needs a place in the media where everyone is ready to listen

So you need a channel that has the answers a person is looking for and what they are comfortable with and wants to know even more. This place must also be secure and trustworthy, and preferably bear the seal of independence – the viewer does not like being dragged down the sleeve. Sounds like a freakishly ideal media channel? Where to take such a thing?

There are search engines, but they show a lot of information and it is difficult and expensive for most companies to highlight themselves. There are different news channels, but they show wall-to-wall information and distraction, and people come to read the news instead of looking at advertising and looking for products/services.

A website is one of those places where a viewer is interested in the information there and obviously wants to know more about the company or the products it offers. However, unless it is a leading business glory in its field, it is difficult to gain enough visibility on the website. This is because the overall number of visitors to the website is relatively low compared to the media portals, which is why it is mostly behind in search engine results.

Above all, search engine results still include high-visibility websites, such as news and information portals. In the context of content marketing, however, such reflections are scattered, and their presentation is chaotic and constantly changing – each new topic-specific coverage (including competing) pushes back previous ones. This means that all kinds of content marketing articles in such media will soon find themselves immersed in more recent information. However, this new information may not be in the best interests of the content marketing company – one negative reflection can be so popular that it overshadows all the positives.

Could a business information portal be a solution for a content marketer? There are thousands of times more traffic than a website. This is achieved by looking for information about the company or its managers. There is company information, a financial background and a business information portal that also gives the company an independent credit rating. Thus, there is background information and sufficient traffic that can be found from search engines. There is also a sufficient number of motivated viewers coming to see the business.

But there are a few important “but`s”:

  • Business information must be of high quality and up to date. Based on seasonal information, it is not possible to judge the actual creditworthiness of the company.
  • However, the business information portal is generally not accessible to those who are looking for a product or service with a keyword rather than a business.
  • The business information is presented without the “face” of the company and is generally dry and in catalogue form.
    In terms of content marketing, this is not speaking to customers and in most cases, the viewer will not be able to interpret most of the business information.
    Thus, alongside business information, there is a need for up-to-date information that is comprehensible to everyone and which, alongside the facts, highlights the unique face of a content marketing company – company brand, product/service brand, and employer brand.

Good content marketing is holistic and does not lose value over time

Good content marketing brings together all the values ​​you create in a highly visited media channel, gives the viewer useful information, shows the product and brand to the interested viewer, shows the face of the company and, most importantly, adds a dimension of credibility – recommendations and independent judgment.

A good media channel, however, ensures that the information is well-located, aggregated and well presented, and does not waste money – once created, the information is not buried under newer information.

Building such an effective media channel for every business, from scratch, is extremely costly, and owning it is a luxury. It is more sensible and advantageous to use an already existing media channel, where interested viewers are waiting and to set up their own media page. This feature is not widely available in the market today and generally uses a website, the weaknesses of which we have already discussed above.

You can use it as a personal media channel and set up your own media page today from the business information portal in Storybook. This means high business online discovery, the highest number of motivated viewers, versatile and effective content marketing and its persistence over time, distinguishing it from competitors by displaying its unique face, and increasing credibility through independent background information and credit recommendation.

The power of the data could work for the entrepreneur

One meeting point with a customer is Storybook`s Media page. We have the largest number of interested viewers today and have the opportunity to create a 24/7 personal media page for your business. Storybook, as a media channel, is interlinked with:

  • designed company profile
  • aggregate content marketing articles
  • display media pages in the same block of companies: (recommend for cooperation)
  • employer branding and job ads
  • links to your company homepage and content
    Along with a wealth of background data, Credit Score gives context marketing messages linked with a simple traffic light. The reader does not even need to look further, as the nicely green Credit Score label is a 100% clear message to everyone – this company is trusted by an independent rating.

The media page should be in a place where marketing can be fine-tuned

By fine-tuning, I mean again, finding the right viewer and showing them the unique face of the company (brand), including the employer’s brand- it is possible on both the company’s own profile and on other free business profiles in Storybook. Today, this is the only environment in Estonia where you can fine-tune your marketing and help you reach the right audience:

  • financial decision-makers – potential clients, partners, employees
  • motivated – are already searching the web for a person, business, product, or service (keyword)

Content marketing is a BRAND MARKETING tool

All in all: Content marketing articles in the media, corporate image with background information, independent credit score rating and employer brand are at the disposal of Estonia’s most visited business information portal, with a record of ~ 5.8 million unique visitors and ~ 3.3 million (motivated!) Views per month. Start supplementing your media channel by asking us for a personal offer.

Dear reader, did you realize that this is a content marketing article here? 🙂

However, I sincerely believe the above will really help you and wish you a successful content marketing * in the best possible way!

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