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STORYBOOK OÜ: Advertising is Dead, Long Live Content Marketing!

Direct advertising does not work and has become a bland ’wallpaper’ to our lives. What the audience values is the opportunity to learn something useful, without much regard for a specific brand. But when a brand or a company comes up most of us appreciate the chance to find out more about the company’s background before making a decision. A top marketing specialist knows this and the wallpaper issue is easily solved with quality content marketing.

How is Content Marketing Different From Advertising?

The difference between content marketing and advertising is easily highlighted with this example: if advertising is like standing on the roadside with a faded poster, watching the traffic scurry past, then content marketing is like a meeting with people with common interests where the conversation gets going and a mutual bond is formed.

Standing by the road holding a poster, we have no way of knowing who is in the cars driving past, do they actually see our information and if our message has any impact at all. For the driver, all the messages along the road are a busy blur, a distraction from driving. So it is no wonder that ‘a banana peel’ is thrown from the passing car window, hitting the advert straight in the face. It has to be conceded, though, that to stand out from the crowd, posters and adverts are very versatile – black-and-white and coloured, mobile and immobile, interactive and positively startling etc. But the issue of lacking motivation remains – the audience is generally not interested in the adverts and even if it were, then simply driving past (for example, scrolling the news) leaves no time to notice the ads. After all, the reason for the drive in the first place is not to see the adverts, but something entirely different.

Content marketing takes a totally different approach – it starts off with an interested audience, not the message. To achieve its goals, content marketing defines what to say and whom to speak to, and also where to find this interested audience. And the message is taken to where the crowd is, thirsty for information. Content marketing does not happen on the roadside, watching the audience speed past; it takes place where people themselves congregate, taking time to be there.

Content Marketing Needs an Arena with an Audience READY TO PAY ATTENTION

So what we need is a channel providing answers to the questions people have; and the sort of answers that leave people wanting to find out even more. This channel needs to be safe and reliable and, possibly, independent – nobody likes to be wheedled into a decision or a choice. Sounds like an impossibly perfect media channel? Where to find such a channel in reality?

There are search engines available but these provide a mass of information and, for most companies, are too complex and expensive to showcase themselves. There are a variety of news channels, but these report on wall-to-wall topics and distract attention, not forgetting that people use these to read the news and not to look for adverts, products or services.

A home page is potentially a place where visitors arrive already interested in the information provided and obviously wanting to find out more about the company and its products. But if the company is not a business giant in the lead of its field, it is likely to struggle to achieve the desired traffic on its page. This for the simple reason that home pages attract relatively low numbers of viewers in comparison to portals – and therefore lag behind in search engine results.

Search engine results tend to list hits firstly from high-traffic websites, such as news and information portals. As far as content marketing is concerned, such publicity is randomly scattered; highlighting these hits is chaotic and varies over the course of time, meaning that every new subject-related item (including competitive ones) pushes existing ones further back. This means that content marketing articles in such media channels are quickly buried under a flood of information. This overlaying information may not be to the advantage of the company attempting content marketing – one negative news piece can become so popular that it overshadows all previous positive stories.

Could a business information portal be the solution for content marketers? It has thousands-fold traffic compared to homepages. It is the place people go to when looking for information about a company or its management. It relates information about each company’s data and financial background, and provides an independent credit rating. Consequently, it accommodates background information as well as sufficient traffic, ensuring hits in search engine results. And it has a motivated audience – looking for information about a company.

But there are a few important ‘buts’:

  • The business information needs to be of excellent quality and up-to-date. Year-old data is no basis for making a decision about a company’s actual creditworthiness.
  • Those using a keyword to search for a product or service rarely come to a business information portal
  • Business information tends to be presented without the company’s ‘face’, usually as a list or catalogue of data that makes for rather dull reading material. As far as content marketing is concerned, it does little to address the audience, and, in most cases, the viewer is unable to interpret most of the information provided.

What we need is up-to-date data that is easily understandable and showcases a company’s unique ‘face’ – its brand as a company, as a product/service and as an employer (in addition to dry facts and business information).

Great Content Marketing – Wholesome and Retains Its Value Over Time

Great content marketing brings together all its values – provides useful information, presents products and brands to an interested audience, exhibits the company’s ‘face’ and, most importantly, offers a dimension of reliability with its recommendations and independent evaluations.

A great media channel in turn ensures that information is easy-to-find, condensed, well-presented and cost-effective – content once created is not lost under an overwhelming flow of new material.

To build up such an effective media channel on your own, from scratch, would be extremely expensive for a single company – and a luxury to maintain. It would be more reasonable and cost-effective to use an already operational online environment, with an interested audience already present, as your media channel, and to simply set up a media page. This option is not widely available today so most companies resort to using homepages, the drawbacks of which we discussed earlier.

The only business information portal to enable setting up a media pages and using it as a personal media channel today is Storybook, with the content further displayed on Inforegister. For the entrepreneur, this means high visibility online, a large motivated audience, versatile and effective content marketing that is durable over time, standing out from the competition by presenting a unique ‘face’, and a surge in reliability thanks to independent background information and credit recommendations.

The Power of Data at the Entrepreneur’s Service

The well-established business information portal of Inforegister with Storybook’s media channel provides a meeting place with the client. Inforegister and Stroybook combined boast the largest relevant audience and now offer the opportunity to create a personal media page with a 24/7 service for your company. Storybook as a media channel includes:

  • Pre-designed company profiles
  • Content marketing articles all in one place
  • Displaying the media page on the ‘Recommended for Co-operation’ section for companies in the same field
  • Employer branding and job adverts
  • Links to the company’s homepage and content

In addition to plenty of background data, the Credit Score provides context for content marketing messages with a simple traffic lights system. The reader does not need to dig deep into the data – the green light of the Credit Score is a crystal-clear message understandable to anyone that this company is reliable based on an independent assessment.

Personal Media Page – Constantly At Work to Ensure Rising Reliability

Posting content marketing articles that reflect the company’s corporate image on Storybook – through the company’s personal media channel – works continually towards the rise of brand recognition as well as demand for the product/service.

A significant part of any company’s media page is the information about the company’s business background. Inforegister’s independent Credit Score and its Credit Risk Score (with its 99.5% accuracy) in addition to branding and content marketing articles is a powerful tool in helping clients to make decisions in favour of Your company. The Credit Score model is science-based and internationally recognised.

Place Your Page Where It Matters –With Possibilities for Fine-Tuning

By fine-tuning I mean finding the right audience and presenting the unique ‘face’ of the company (the brand), including the employer’s brand, possible both on the company’s own profiles as well as profiles of other companies in both Inforegister and Storybook. Today, it is the only online environment in Estonia that enables fine-tuning marketing and helps to reach the target audience:

  • Making monetary decisions – possible clients, partners, employees
  • Motivated – already on the lookout online for a company, person, product or service (as a keyword)

Content Marketing – A Tool For Brand Marketing

To sum it all up: content marketing articles, the company’s brand with background information and an independent Credit Score assessment, employer’s brand – all in one place, at the entrepreneur’s service, in the most popular business information portal in Estonia with a record of ~5.8 million unique visitors and ~3.3 million (motivated!) site visits per month. Put Your own media channel to good use – here is a Personal Offer for You!

Dear reader, You probably cottoned on that this is a content marketing article?

I sincerely hope that You found the article helpful and I wish You all the best for Your future content marketing!

*The First in Estonia – Your Company’s Personal Media Channel in Inforegister

Specific Audience –motivated viewers who have come to Inforegister, having searched the Internet for a person, company, employer, product or service – demonstrating their interest and readiness to buy

All Eyes On You – You will be visible, with our recommendations, also to those seeking information about Your competitors

Rise in Brand Recognition – anybody doing a background check will most likely end up in Inforegister – and with Storybook, You can influence what visitors see about Your brand

Easy to Find – thanks to the extensive traffic on Inforegister’s portal and high positions in Google Search Results, Your content marketing information will be on top

Most Effective Banners – business background information along with content marketing helps to generate at least three times as many sales leads compared to conventional advertising

More Influential Than Other Channels – Storybook content marketing articles are supplemented with useful background information and the same page does not display distracting adverts from other companies

Publishing a content marketing article is unbelievably easy – simply write, save and You’re published!

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