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STORYBOOK OÜ: Estonians Set an Example in Practicing Freedom of Speech!

The next innovation out of Estonia, Storybook, took action and published more than a million articles about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs. The author of these stories is Auto Matic – the name a broad hint that we’re dealing with artificial intelligence. But Storybook is not only for and about robots. Now every single person has the chance to add opinion pieces on this cutting-edge business media page. Most importantly, these Stories are published instantly and are available on the front page as top news.

All it takes is Your willingness to express Your opinions about the field of economics, specific companies or their executives. You can post under your own name or use a pseudonym – but identity theft (posting under somebody else’s name) is definitely not allowed.

Please remember that expressing Your opinion does not excuse libel. Even though opinion pieces are published instantaneously (and pieces can be edited as well as deleted) it does not mean that the editing board of Storybook does not check the published Stories. A piece of writing with indicators of libel, false news or other means of information warfare will be promptly removed.

First and foremost, we suggest You write Stories about Your own company and develop Your own personal media page. Here, You do not have to concern yourself with design or imagery, because quality images are automatically added to all Stories, based on content detection. Even text formats are self-correcting, adding logos and brands, Credit Scores etc.

We advise You to add name tags (keywords) when writing, since this will make the Story more visible online. Do not forget to add connected companies’ name tags so that the Story will be published on the tagged companies’ media pages (see Estonian Tax and Customs Board media page).

Soon You will be able to integrate Your media page plugin onto Your webpage, e-mail footer etc.

Check out REGISTER OÜ’s media page

Check out Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s  media page

Storybook is being developed intensively and daily and it will be complete on August 31st, 2019.

See for Yourself – Storybook designs-in-progress are available HERE

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