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Storybook OÜ: Every company’s website shows its creditworthiness: 70 000 000 website owners on the palm of our hand!

The Storybook Chrome extension tells you which company website you are currently on and how trustworthy it is today.

Whenever you are visiting any web page, you will always see a credit score bubble on the browser bar, which will open a window showing the background of the web site owner and the digital stories published about him/her. You can also add your own reviews/comments on a webpage directly from the browser extension window, or read and comment on the comments of other visitors.

A credit score bubble created by Estonian data scientists (99.5% accuracy),  shows changes in insolvency both in history and present moment. The green colour characterizes the company’s positive credibility and the red the risk.

If desired, users can post their order to any company active in the same field while on the website.

For example: Being on a website that builds a sauna, you can post your order from the same window to any company that builds saunas. In a short period of time, you will receive non-binding offers from trusted companies to then make your choice in favour of the best offer.

The Storybook extension also allows you to identify companies and their executives in the content of the web page, so you can track their background with just one click.

Some of the use cases for an extension are:

1) E-shop reliability evaluation – In case of risky business, purchasing from the e-shop is a higher risk of not getting the ordered goods. Read other people’s comments and rate your own experiences.

2) Supplier reliability rating – When reading descriptions of goods and services on a website, also check out the digital stories of the company that tell stories from past events of the company or its executives. You can also go to the company’s Storybook page for more information (staff, decision-makers, assets, liabilities, marketing, business networks).

3) Assessing the employer’s credibility – Look at the potential employer’s background and look at his / her ability to pay you. Moving on to the Storybook page, you can see the average wages, employee productivity, trends, etc. in the Employee Report by quarter and year.

4) Get the Best Offers– Being on any website, you can always send your order/request to all similar businesses at once to select the perfect offer.

5) Customer, Supplier, Employer, Board Members Background Visible Everywhere on the Web – If you have a web-based CRM, ERP, bank account or similar tool that names clients, suppliers (including board members), you can see their background in real-time without you should upgrade or update their systems.

6) Mainstream Media Articles Are Now Enriched With Data – By reading any article describing corporate and board member events, you can also follow their background information with a single click and, if you wish, move on to that company or board member’s Storybook page for additional information (e.g. values, average gross salaries, financial projections, name cloud for employees, name cloud for court decisions, CVs of board members, etc.)

The Storybook browser extension helps you make the right decisions, anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are.

Download the extension HERE

Today in Estonia and soon in the global market!

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