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STORYBOOK OÜ: Is Your Client Paying Employees Under the Table?! EMPLOYEES Out in the Open Now! (VIDEO)

The main Story on the Employees Report is the Pay Rise Story. This is generated by the artificial intelligence Auto Matic based on data available on Inforegister and the employer can alter and update the report.

The article highlights the labour taxes paid by the entrepreneur in comparison with the previous quarter or the previous year, and a comparison with the average of the field of activity. The Pay Rise Story shows if the company has funds to increase employees’ salaries, let’s say by 100€, and what the ramifications would be – would the profit soar, stay the same or plummet?

The Employees Report includes four analytical and graphical blocks, enabling employers to get a quick visual overview of the company’s ability to guarantee fair salaries to the employees.

  • Quarterly average salary informs of the estimated average salary paid to employees in the company. It is also possible to see when the highest and lowest salaries are paid to determine whether the activities of the company are seasonal or the salaries paid are stable over the course of the year.
  • Quarterly number of employees highlights employee turnover – does the company employ a stable number of workers over the year or is there a noticeable fluctuation in the employee count – either due to seasonal activities or it might be that the company has problems paying wages so employees are not keen to stay on for long?
  • Analysis of employees’ results shows on one graph the number of employees and the paid taxes, affording analysis of whether there have been redundancies or maybe staff are paid cash-in-hand?
  • The higher the turnover and profit per employee, the more efficient the company is. If employees are producing loss for the company, then it can be presumed that the enterprise will face insolvency at some stage.

Active job offers reflect the active job adverts of the company being advertised on Töötukassa [Estonian Job Centre] and other public recruitment portals. If the company has no open positions, then the job offers of other companies in the same field will be displayed.

In all, the Storybook Employee report provides an overview of the employees, their assessed salaries and ability to earn turnover and profit for the company for each company.

A fair and transparent economy helps improve competition and enables valuing employers that create jobs.

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