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STORYBOOK OÜ: Name Cloud – of the Whole Estonian Web

Storybook has given around 200 000 companies their personal name clouds based on online materials, including online media articles. As is common in word clouds, the names in larger font sizes occur more often and smaller ones less frequently.

A name cloud tells a short and simplified story about a company. Usually, the names of entrepreneurs tell us very little, but keywords, colours etc provide background to a name. We have been monitoring the Estonian web for six years and conducting content analysis, and the first results are now up as name clouds.

It is noteworthy that we are improving these name clouds continually – for instance, we are adding brands/patents, exporting countries/products etc. The colours reflect Credit Scores – green for Reliable, red for Risky. The names in the cloud link to corresponding profiles or media articles.

Keywords that characterise an enterprise’s services, products and activities are in blue and will shortly be linked as well. In other words, clicking on a key word will open up a new tab listing all the companies with similar keywords, and recommended companies (clients) are highlighted.

In addition, companies will soon have Court decision clouds attached to them – sparking lively interest in our customers, because truth be told, it is impossible to work your way through hundreds and thousands of court decisions, no less process them (to sift out vital information).

Have a look at the list of machine-readable information and analytics available for your system with REGISTER API: HERE

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Names, keywords and adjectives about STORYBOOK OÜ from the depths of the Internet helping you to understand the essence of the company, its relationships, values and tragedies

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