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Freedom of expression is recognised as a fundamental human right, along with the right to privacy. The obvious political and corporate censorship of today’s mainstream media directs and steers all powers (including of the media channels themselves) to express opinions necessary for themselves.

Storybook has been founded as a channel with the main priority of giving freedom of speech to everyone in Estonia on equal terms. Unlike mainstream media, You as well will now have the chance to freely express Your thoughts, posting opinion pieces on Storybook and reading others’ Stories without fear of censorship or punishment.

But here it must be stressed that Storybook does not set the bar low on moral values – anything indecent or written in bad taste (including insufficiently edited texts) will be removed from the page.

Storybook invites all advocates of free speech who have not had the chance to have their say in mainstream media and who feel that they want to participate in the debate without being censored – come and tell your stories on Storybook, on equal terms with all others.

For example, HERE is the media page of Reformierakond (Estonian Reform Party) – write an opinion piece if You wish, or add an announcement, and it will be published instantly on Storybook’s main page in the section Top Stories This Week.

If You want to write about Your own enterprise or You have valuable experiences with other companies You wish to share – please feel free to add Your Opinion Piece (including videos) to Storybook.

Your Story will be available to subscribers to the weekly Storybook newsletter – ca 100 000 readers. The best Stories will be presented on social media channels as well.

No limits to Your words – Your speech is free on Storybook!

Simply write and publish an OPINION PIECE.

Freelance journalist? Join our community and earn extra with Storybook – get paid per visitor and premiums for opinion leaders! Send in an application at

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