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Storybook OÜ: The Innovative Estonian Search Engine to Deliver Digital Stories From 70 Million Companies Across 80 Countries

The Storybook of Estonian companies and entrepreneurs has been public for only a few months but every day has been record-breaking in the number of articles read. You ask how we are doing? ’Absolutely positively smashing, thank you!’ is our answer!

All jokes aside, in only the last couple of weeks articles on Storybook have been read over 280 000 times. At the moment, around 1.5 million Stories are available about Estonia-based companies but our team is putting in the effort to enable adding international companies to Storybook along with all their Stories and Credit Scores. Credit Scores and Credit Risk Scores for international companies are data-processing-based models, developed by high-level professionals and derived from online data.

Countries that we will cover are already listed right here in the Storybook Search Engine. Our greatest wish is to enter the global market alongside all other Estonian companies – to introduce ourselves as well as all Estonian exporters. But in order to achieve that we must first make ourselves visible.

How to Make Yourself More Visible?

Storybook has created a personal media page for each company – companies can then complement their page with branding and content marketing articles, images and videos etc. We do not impose a volume or time limit on the articles; however, it must be kept in mind that more recent articles always come on top and in order to highlight an older article, it should be refreshed.

Companies that wish to introduce themselves on the global market via the media page, can do so through the profiles of other companies active in the same field. For instance, a furniture manufacturing company can introduce their produce in 81 countries on the profiles of about 3.5 million furniture manufacturers on a daily basis, all year round. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

To boost export sales You need only to inform us that You are interested via e-mail: and we will let You know as soon as Storybook (in English) is ready to send Your message out to the world – on a first come, first served basis!

Read more about brand management: STORYBOOK OÜ: Advertising is Dead, Long Live Content Marketing!

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