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STORYBOOK OÜ: Who makes the decision?!

Who do I have to turn to, to close the deal; who is the person that makes the shots in the company?

ScoreStorybook’s Decision-makers Report gives you an overview of the company’s management board members and persons in other key roles with rights of representation in the company. The report also underlines information on owners and related companies, along with share sizes in percentages and sum.

The report begins with valid board members, their weighted average Credit Scores, credit risk scores and fields of activity that the executive is involved in. The number of stars by the manager’s name is an indicator of how long the person has been engaged in entrepreneurship. When moving your cursor over these stars, info pops up on the length of time in business indicated by the stars. The ‘Follow’ button by the decision-maker’s name allows you to quickly and conveniently add the person onto your chosen list of people whose changes you want to keep track of.

Former representatives gives you a quick glance at the people who have previously had rights of representation in the company that you are exploring, again along with a short overview at their credit risk class assessments – so that an executive marked in green is safe to do business with, and a leader marked in red is/has been on the board of risky businesses. You can find out in more detail when you click on a person’s name and read their full-length CV.

The history of the company displays the field of activity and age of the company, and the country of the beneficial owner(s). A graph shows a timeline of all decision-makers in the history of the company from its very beginning. For example, if a company has several decision-makers, you can decide whether you approach a seasoned board-member or a fresh face of the management board with a proposal for co-operation.

The Credit Score and prognosis give you an insight into the past insolvency issues (annual data) and the probability of future financial distress of the company for the next year (forecast for each month). The Credit Score has been developed in co-operation with top data scientists and has an accuracy of 99.5%. You can find out more on the model in the Credit Score video or read up on it in this article.

The last section shows you the owners of the company. A short and sweet report on the owners, Credit Scores and credit risk classes, size of their share (both total sum and percentage) lets you assess who has the biggest say in the company.

If the company has parents or subsidiaries, their names and shares are on display in this block as well.

In summary, the Decision-makers Report gives you an insight into the company’s management board, other persons with right of representation, and owners, all along with their credit risk classes, share sizes and shares in other companies.

In essence, we do not trade with other businesses, but the people behind these businesses – people who complete deals and transactions out of their free will, in the name of a business entity. You can never be too careful – it makes sense to check out each potential business partner’s background before concluding a contract.

Aspiring for fairness and transparency in economy

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