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STORYBOOK OÜ: Word Cloud of Your Relations to Court Rulings and Unmet OBLIGATIONS is Now Public! (VIDEO)

If You happen to have overdue debts, then the main Story in Your Obligations Report is the Sob Story.

The Sob Story is an article that influences the debtor to meet his/her obligations – either to pay back debts or to reach an agreement with the creditor regarding repayment, after which the story will be deleted from the debtor’s profile.

The Obligations Report has eight analytic and graphical models that provide an overview of the size and volume of the company’s debts and obligations.

  1. Available credit and number of settlement days offer information on whether and how much credit should be given to the company and for how long a period. The science-based Credit Score delivers information on both the history of the Score as well as a prognosis of possible future insolvency of the company. Creditors can also request claims to be published right here on Storybook.
  2. History of claims shows a graph of both public and private sector claims with sums and the fact that a claim is overdue. The debtor can request a repayment schedule right here.
  3. Company’s assets makes available quick and concise information on whether the company has enough assets to cover its obligations. If for instance it appears that a company has only 40 cents worth of assets to offset 1€ of obligations, it is evident that the company has three times as many obligations than is possible to cover with its assets.
  4. Distribution of debts by field enables a visual overview of the main fields in which the company has debts. In addition, the management board in charge during the accumulation of debt is brought out, with hyperlinks to each board member’s CV to enable reviewing earlier payment patterns.
  5. Graph of tax arrears displays history of tax arrears, changes over the course of time and arrears by type.
  6. Time-barred and ongoing claims provide an overview of debts to other companies, whether debts are recent and liable to be claimed or already time-barred.
  7. Word cloud of relations to court rulings is a unique solution that allows you to see court decisions, sums and persons related to court cases concerning the company.
  8. Soon, the report will include a separate block on court rulings and hearings¸ and in addition, sums awarded by Payment Order regulations and claims in bailiffs’ enforcement proceedings.

In summary, the Obligations report gives you an ideal compact overview of the proportions of assets and obligations, debts and ability to pay. Available credit is an indication as to how much, if at all, credit to offer to a company.

A fair and transparent economy assists in achieving fair competition and enables making excellent business decisions any time, anywhere.;;

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