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STORYBOOK OÜ: Your company’s MEDIA page: Tell your Stories and brand your company!

Most companies face the same dilemma online – it is easiest to introduce yourself on your homepage, but this will attract relatively low traffic. Mainstream media has plenty of viewers, but it is challenging to present your best self there because most viewers are not your target group and are not motivated to buy.

Just like mainstream media, Storybook has high visitor numbers, but the difference is our visitors are motivated – they are not looking for entertainment but information. Every Estonian enterprise has a personal media page on Storybook. The main Story on the page is the company’s own content marketing story or brand story. But beware! If you do not have one, then it is replaced with a competitor’s story – if you do not wish to address your viewers, then competitors will do it for you! Also, every entrepreneur has the opportunity to write Opinion Pieces either about themselves or others, to share their knowledge and experiences.

Storybook recommends for co-operation

On the media page, you can find the ‘Recommended for co-operation’ section, providing a unique opportunity to request a quote for a service/product from all the companies in this field of activity, guaranteeing you the best possible offer from a large selection of vendors! You can specify your request by adding or deleting keywords. This solution enables entrepreneurs to view clients’ requests for quotes and to actively make tenders, meaning finding a remarkable number of new enterprises to co-operate with. Companies with a Risky Credit Score will not have access to requests for quotes.

Mainstream media

The media page displays extracts from the largest media portals in Estonia – headings, relations, and a short paragraph summarising the content.


The last section shows announcements about placing tenders or securing public procurements. Also, it highlights subsidies from Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board, and the Environmental Investments Centre. Official Announcements section displays real-time events regarding mergers, divisions, debt restructuring, and so on.

Static information on the media page

The left-hand side of the media page is static and gives a quick overview of the company’s situation:

  • Basic details and the beneficiary’s country of origin displayed with the company name – let’s favour local produce and keep the money circling here in Estonia.
  • Total debt is presented for companies in debt; turnover prognosis for 2019 is displayed for companies that are debt-free. If you want to find out more about turnover prognosis, have a look at our second video on Finances or this article.
  • The Credit Score gives a quick overview of a company’s economic situation. We warn about business risks just like a traffic light – green for ‘Go!’, yellow for ‘Slow down!’ and red for ‘Stop!’ Credit Score has five risk classes, and this is also on display alongside the number within the Credit Score. The history demonstrates, for example, when the company accumulated debts. You can find a more detailed description of the Credit Score in a separate video or article.
  • The new Reputation Score is a measure of an enterprise’s reputation which includes a combination of five management areas: Brand management, Credit management, Sales management, Personnel management, and Asset management. The values of the Reputation Score are divided into five high values and five low ones. You can find a more detailed description of the Reputation Score in a separate video or article.

Create a personal media page for your enterprise along with introductions to your products/services. Add articles and stories about you and your company as often as you like!

But do not forget to translate your information into English – Storybook is going international and will soon reach 100,000,000 companies in 96 countries!

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