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The Estonian Storybook Set to Match the Renown of Facebook?

All that is at first glance unattainable can become possible – with enough drive and clear goals, strived towards by the best people. For the Estonian Storybook to take flight and soar as high as Zuckerberg’s Facebook, the set goals must be colossal, cemented with dedicated will of true talents.

Score Storybook Reveals Stories Hidden in Big Data

Instead of a simple ambition to succeed, the drive and stamina to reach your goals is fuelled on by a genuine wish (above and beyond your own ego) to make the world a better place. ScoreStorybook is driven on by the sincere wish to harness fairness and transparency to the service of competitive economy and leave the unworthy behind. The goal is set, the will is strong, the talents are on board – with room for more.

ScoreStorybook’s original vision was born four years ago, when Inforegister (Register OÜ) started in STACC with EU-co-funded applied research study of big data and data analytics. This study was aimed at developing data-analytics-based models in co-operation with top specialists that enable scoring companies’ business reliability based solely on online data.

We received the first Scoring results already in 2017 and the model proved to be 99.5% accurate. These high results encouraged us to keep developing tools to integrate these models to – so as to enable making excellent business decisions anytime, anywhere, despite your location and the time of day.

100% Data Journalism

We started developing the first tool in the beginning of 2018. This resulted in the creation of Ärimeedia (BusinessMedia), with all Stories based on data and analytics. In these articles, we tell Stories about entrepreneurship, actual companies and the people connected to these companies in a variety of roles. We enrich these Stories with an independent Credit Score icon, dividing companies into Credit Risk Score categories and predicting their creditworthiness in real time. Just like a regular traffic light – from green to red, from reliable to risky.

At first, journalists wrote the stories the traditional way, then by the beginning of the summer we already managed to create semi-automatic stories and from January 2019 onwards Stories and designs are fully automated. Every Story, created by artificial intelligence, is unique and belongs to a category:

Sleeping Beauty Story, The Final Days, Public Procurement Story, Export Story, Person’s Story, Activity Story, Success Story, Sob Story etc.

All of these Stories are about real companies and their board members. One company can have on its page all of these Stories and Stories of people connected to that company. The average article is half an A4 page in length, and the longer stories are up to 3-4 pages long. There are 450,000 companies created in the last 20 years, and 440,000 people connected to these companies – one can only imagine the number of articles about Estonian companies on Storybook!

So – these are the Stories of Estonian companies, enriched with Credit Risk Scores to help assess behavioural patterns of both a company and its board members – to help you make great business decisions anytime, despite the size of your wallet.

Not Even the Sky is the Limit

How to make the Storybook accessible anytime, anywhere? The solution is our web browser extension – ScoreStorybook extension. Whichever website you visit – the navigation bar has a Credit Score icon, enabling you to see for yourself the page owner’s true colours. In addition, you can comment on the page and read comments as well as titles of Stories and move on to Storybook to access these Stories.

A Face to the Name and Stories Everywhere

We cannot say that Storybook is everywhere (yet!), but it can at present reach web content with company names and executives’ names. This is our third development, underway and available soon.

Company and executives’ names are already now in the Credit Risk Score colours and when you drag your mouse cursor across the names, their Stories become available, opening in Storybook.

Example: Optical Character Recognition extension

But still – is this enough to achieve the desired result – anytime, anywhere, despite the location and time of day? I think not.

ScoreStorybook – Information About 71 Million Companies Around the Globe

We want to browse the world wide web without obstacles (be it language or country) –we wish to read Stories about companies from all over the world on international websites and assess related business risks simultaneously. Not to mention the fact that we need to perform dizzying tricks to boost export sales and locate clients from all corners of the world suitable just for us – and usually our attempts fail miserably.

Register OÜ has – during the four long years of the applied research project of data analytics – roamed an infinite number of websites; has archived, processed and synthesised texts; and has analysed and modelled a Score based on online data. We have put a lot of effort into opening up the Storybook of 71 million companies across the globe, telling their Stories and assessing their Credit Risk Scores.

Internet browser users will be able to access information about 20 million webpage owners in a browser window or web content – to help you make quick and good business decisions anytime, anyplace, despite what country you are in.

Challenges and Opportunities for Fresh Talents

If you feel that You want to add to the ScoreStorybook vision – or, better yet, You want to join our team (as an employee, entrepreneur or some other role) – contact us! We just have one quirk: we want to do our own thing, and that thing is promoting Estonia – we await first and foremost talented Estonians to join our ranks so we could proudly declare: ‘We did it! Here, in Estonia, by ourselves – we did it!’

Everything that seems impossible and unattainable is possible, where there is a will, a goal and the best of people.

Storybook will be ready on August 31st, 2019 – check out the designs-in-progress HERE

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