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Entrepreneurs' reputation indicator: REPUTATION SCORE. See what reputation Your company has

For many years, the well-known reputation score of companies has been in the Inforegister as only one consolidated number, which has no reference to value assessment. The reputation score scale of the Inforegister was estimated, depending on both the company's indicators and the general economic situation.

Now, however, we have received important additions to the reputation score algorithm, and this time we will add more accurate results or values.

The new reputation score is a measure of companies' reputation, which is formed by a combination of the company's five business management process quality indicators:

Brand management
Credit management
Sales management
Personnel management
Asset management

Reputation score values ​​are divided into steps - up to 5 upper positions of the line (high values) and up to 5 lower steps of the line (low values).

While reputation score indicators were previously developed by experts in the field, the new analytical model is already based on data science, due to which we can now more accurately point out the quality of companies' management processes and their value levels.

In the development of the model, derivatives of experts in the field were used, on the basis of which the characteristics of business management processes and their impact were developed - in total, approximately 1,200 different characteristics were used.

The results were converted by sector to enterprises according to their size, and the factors influencing the characteristics were achieved. It should be pointed out that the algorithm of the data science-based reputation choir model also uses features that come from data found on the web.

We also offer all developed analytical models with REGISTER API or CSV files to anyone interested with real-time updates or queries.


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