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G.S.G.METAL AS: Snooze Story

G.S.G.METAL AS, from Harju County, was registered 19 years ago, in the dog-eat-dog world of the nineties. The newborn venture did not utter a sound and is still fast asleep to this day, lying dormant in the portfolio of Vassili Galaganov.

There are in all 79 559 such "Sleeping Beauties" in Estonia today (altogether 28.1% of all registered companies). There are 12 366 snoozers in the sector, making up 28.3% of the sector. The snoring is deafening. Within the sector, in the same EMTAK field "Jäätmete ja jääkide hulgikaubandus, taara ja pakendite kokkuost", 43 companies have been set up only to collect dust on a shelf (22.2% of the field).

If on average Estonian companies are active for up to 8 years, then whether hibernating or awake, G.S.G.METAL AS is old and grey.

The company was set up by Grigori Bilitšenko and a seat on the board was taken up by mees S.A., in full maturity at 53 years old (b. 09.04.1966). The fresh board member had no previous experience to show. He/she could not or would not make the company rise and shine and is no longer at the helm of the company. G.S.G.METAL AS has seen 5 Prince(ss) Board Members come to the rescue, but their kiss has not been enough to break the spell, because the Sleeping Beauty has not stirred.

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