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Storybook OÜ: Every company's website shows its creditworthiness: 70 000 000 website owners on the palm of our hand!

The Storybook Chrome extension tells you which company website you are currently on and how trustworthy it is today. Whenever you are visiting any web page, you will always see a credit score bubble on the browser bar, which will open a window showing the background of the web site owner and the digital stories published about him/her. You can also add your own reviews/comme...

Liisi Raudsik: Creditworthiness with 99,5% accuracy. Anytime, anywhere.

Hello! My name is Liisi and I am the CEO of Kreedix OÜ. My story is contemporary credit management and a new age debt process. Kreedix OÜ offers a full range of credit management services, using new and modern tools and debt management, using unique measures. I have been active in this field for over five years and have witnessed the powerful developments that have been a...

Risk-free and self-sufficient entrepreneurship in 70 countries

Big data, analytics & API - collect all the data You need, just in seconds The essential idea is quite simple – your company is growing, your products and services are always getting better and each passing year brings new data blocks for you to manage. We are capable of providing and updating hundreds of data blocks and you can combine the data of your choice and wit...

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Scorestorybook Chrome extension

The Storybook extension tells you which company's website you are currently on and how reliable that company is today. download extension

See the background of the caller! Storybook App brings you direct contacts for 400,000 Estonian companies and individuals (managers, officials). The data is enriched with solvency and financial information.