Terms and Conditions of Using Cookies –  STORYBOOK  OÜ (registry code 14636888, address Tähe 129B, Tartu), web site uses cookies. This helps websites remember the choices you made on our pages. When you visit the pages, you agree that we use cookies.

1. Cookies

1.1. Cookies are small text files that are installed on the user’s computer from the websites that the user visits unless the user has disabled the installation of all or some of the cookies in their browser settings. Cookies allow you to recognize the user when visiting the websites of the device.

1.2. Cookies may be divided due to the time of installation:

1.2.1. temporary or session-based cookies – allow users to connect activities temporarily during the same browser in browsing session, i.e. from opening the browser window to closing it or up to 4 hours after the last page was viewed;

1.2.2. persistent cookies – stored permanently on the user’s device for a specified time in the cookie and activated each time the user visits the website from which the cookie was installed.

1.3. Cookies may be divided due to their affiliation:

1.3.1. first-party cookies – originating from a view able website. Websites may use these cookies to store information that will be reused the next time the website is visited. For the purposes of the processing of personal data, the first-party cookie is installer (or any of its processors) who manages the website visited.

1.3.2. Third-party cookies – for example, from advertisements on other websites located on a website visited by the User. From the point of view of the processing of personal data, the third-party cookie is the processor, which differs from the operator of the website visited.


1.4. Cookies may be divided into:

1.4.1. essential cookies – essential for the movement of websites, the use of its functions and the provision of services chosen by users. Without the installation of these cookies, the user cannot provide the website and the services they want;

1.4.2. statistical cookies – collects information about how users use web pages, such as which websites they visit most often and what error messages they receive from websites. The information collected shall be aggregated and made anonymous. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the functioning of websites;

1.4.3. preference cookies – these cookies allow you to remember the user’s choices (e.g. text size, other features to be changed by the website) and features (e.g. username, language or country of location of the user) to provide more personalized and convenient ways to use the website;

1.4.4. Advertising cookies – these cookies allow the user to show personalized advertising and conduct market research and analysis using data on the user’s behaviour and interests. The data received may be shared with advertising networks and advertising service providers.

2. Consent

2.1. Storybook does not require the consent of users to use essential cookies, as it is not possible to use the Website without them. As regards the remaining cookies, the User agrees to the installation of cookies by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions that Storybook asks users through the banner displayed on the Websites. The User gives consent to the preference when choosing the respective preference.

3. Changing cookie settings in your browser

3.1. Storybook enables Users to manage all cookies used individually by the User’s consent through the Website settings, where the User can turn the cookies used on and off at any time. The above option does not apply to essential or other cookies that do not require the user’s consent.

4. You can find more detailed information about how to manage cookies in your browser:

Effective as of 01.10.2020

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