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LOOTUSPROJEKT OÜ: Public Procurement

LOOTUSPROJEKT OÜ has over the course of time secured various public contracts, on average 0,9 times a year, with the first one won 13 years ago in 2007. The company has received 12 slices of the state pie, in return having completed works or provided services for the common good to the value of 280 630 euros. This sort of money is enough to kick-start a nice little company.

The year 2019 was record-breaking for this company, winning the largest procurement - "Männi pargi puhkeala rekonstrueerimise põhiprojekti koostamine" - to date with the total value at 50 000 euros.

Typically, one public contract makes up a staggering 1/3 of LOOTUSPROJEKT OÜ's turnover! That is quite a lot and the loss of income from public procurements would make itself felt in the turnover.

This makes it plain to see why the company is so active in tendering. – in all LOOTUSPROJEKT OÜ has bid in public procurements 12 times to secure winning contracts.

The company is a solid business partner to the state that pays more taxes to the State Treasury than has received in sales turnover from its public contracts. Like a top-of-the-class student, this company has never in its history failed on its tax and reporting obligations. Neither has it swindled its business partners.

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